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Confirmed |  Design Great APIs  | Mike Amundsen

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Confirmed | Design Great APIs | Mike Amundsen


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 Design APIs at a glance

This Masterclass is designed to allow teams and individuals to focus on the work of designing, building, and deploying of robust, well-designed, and resilient APIs for existing services.


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Two half days 13:30-17:30 CET


GOTO Academy - Virtual Course delivered in English by Mike Amundsen

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Attendees are expected to already have experience w/ HTTP, services, and APIs


Design APIs

In this masterclass, based on the book "Design and Build Great Web APIs" from Pragmatic Publishers, we'll start with the basics of simple, elegant API design. Just like good UI ensure quality apps, good APIs make it easy to build and maintain top-notch APIs. We'll explore the power of the API-First approach and then we'll learn the Unified API Design Process of Model, Design, and Describe. Along the way we'll write API Stories, learn to design APIs that match the current need and support future changes with stability, and learn to describe API designs using the ALPS format that supports implementation in multiple API styles including REST, CRUD, gRPC, AsyncAPI, and GraphQL.

Get a jump start on your API Design with this one-day, hands-on masterclass 

NOTE: You can "scale-up" your API masterclass experience by signing up for both the API Design and the API Build Masterclasses

What You'll Learn

In this jam-packed workshop, you'll learn:

  • The value of an API-First approach
  • The importance of of documenting API Stories
  • The value of Model-Design-Describe for a Unified API Design Process
  • The power of the ALPS document format for creating machine-readable API descriptions for all types of API styles

What You'll Use

Tools/Technologies covered in this workshop include:

  • Git and Github
  • API Story Builder
  • Web Sequence Diagram tools
  • ALPS description format
  • And other command-line tools and utilities

About the trainer Mike Amundsen:

An internationally known author and speaker, Mike Amundsen travels the world consulting and talking about network architecture, Web development, and the intersection of technology and society. He works with companies large and small to help them capitalize on the opportunities APIs, Microservices, and Digital Transformation present for both consumers and the enterprise.

Mike Amundsen has authored numerous books and papers. He contributed to the O’Reilly Media book, "Continuous API Management" (2018). His "RESTful Web Clients", was published by O’Reilly in February 2017 and he co-authored "Microservice Architecture" (June 2016). Amundsen’s 2013 collaboration with Leonard Richardson "RESTful Web APIs" and his 2011 book, “Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node”, are common references for building adaptable Web applications. His latest book — "Design and Build Great APIs" — for Pragmatic Publishing is scheduled for release in late 2019.

You can find Mike on Twitter.


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