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Domain Driven Design

Designing a domain model is key to the success of a large software project. To develop a strong connection between the architects, developers, product owners and business problem owners, the language and principles of the domain must be aligned. A model that addresses the problems in this domain is a solid base of every software project, the ability to communicate this model among all teams is a crucial step towards getting the right software to production.

To develop this common understanding between the team, we offer one-day masterclass where you will learn  the fundamentals of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and the concepts related to the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) architectural pattern. During this masterclass, you will also learn how to use the concept of “Events” to get a shared global understanding of your domain among all stakeholders and go in-depth on specific details to find the aspects important to solve certain problems.

The masterclass will empower you with the right background knowledge required to design Domain Models suitable for use in a CQRS-based architecture. Important part of this course are the practical labs where you will learn not only how to create domain model, but also how to communicate your model to the other teams.


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