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Kubernetes 101


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In this two-day introductory course, participants learn all about Kubernetes terminology and core principles. By using minikube and the Kubernetes definition file, attendees come out of this training being able to deploy, update and kill applications.

You will learn all about:

  1. The history of cloud-native, containers and orchestration
  2. Kubernetes’ benefits, features and real-world usage
  3. Kubernetes’ architecture and components
  4. How to work with Kubernetes
  5. How to build your own Kubernetes cluster


● History of Orchestration

    ● Kubernetes Architecture

    ● Pods

    ● Labels

    ● Services TOPICS

    ● Deployments

    ● Scaling

    ● Networking

    ● Persistence

    Who's this for?

    Anyone who is looking to get hands-on with Kubernetes.

    ● Level: Beginner

    ● Relevant Roles: Developer, DevOps, SysAdmin, Architect


    ● Format: Hands-on Workshop

    ● Duration: 2 days


    ● Experience with Docker/Containers

    ● General programming knowledge

    ● WiFi-enabled laptop

    ● Basic Linux knowledge

    ● Access to a Terminal and SSH client

    About Container Solutions:

    Container Solutions are a leading Cloud-Native consultancy. They specialize in container-packaged microservices, that help their customers and partners innovate at speed and scale. They're made up of world-class technology experts and trainers, including the creator of minimesos; the ElasticSearch framework for Mesos; and the author of the O’Reilly book, “Using Docker”.