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  • Spring Web [4 days]

Spring Web [4 days]





Spring Web (4 days)

Spring Web is a four-day training course in Web application development. This hands-on training from Spring expert Joris Kuipers teaches you how to apply the latest in Spring to create Web applications.

This course prepares students for the Spring Application Developer certification exam. The exam can be purchased separately from Pivotal.

This course is perfect for developers and architects interested in Spring, and those who wish to suitably and efficiently prepare for the certification exam.

We assume that participants have experience with using Java to develop applications. Next to this we also request that you have a basic understanding of Spring.

This course is 50% lecture and 50% hands-on lab.
In order to benefit from this course, you need a computer.

Course Objectives
By the end of the training, you should gain an understanding of Spring and associated technologies for Web development and be able to do the following:           
•  Use the Spring Framework to develop Web applications
•  Use Spring Web Flow to implement stateful interactions
•  Secure Web applications with Spring Security
•  Test Web applications for correctness and performance
•  Create rich Web user interfaces with Ajax and JQuery
•  Use Spring Roo to create a Spring Web application in minutes
•  Use the VMware® SpringSource® Tool Suite and Spring Insight

Course Outline  

1  Development Environment
•  Eclipse (SpringSource Tool Suite distribution)
•  Apache Tomcat/VMware® vFabric™ tc Server
•  Spring Insight
•  Testing tools

2  Spring Overview
•  Introduction to Spring configuration
•  Bean life cycle
•  Simplifying configuration
•  Integration testing with Spring

3  Getting Started with Spring Web MVC
•  Spring model-view-controller (MVC) overview
•  DispatcherServlet
•  Controller programming model overview
•  Spring MVC views
•  Simplifying configuration

4  Spring MVC Configuration Options
•  Spring MVC infrastructure Beans
•  URL mappings
•  Handler interceptors and handler adapters
•  Exception resolvers
•  Message source

5  Managing Layouts in Spring MVC
•  Page layout and structure
•  Creating reusable templates with Apache tiles
•  Configuring tiles in Spring MVC

6  Using Views in Spring MVC
•  Views and view resolvers
•  Setting up a view resolver chain
•  Alternating views
•  JSON views

7  Building Form Pages with Spring MVC
•  Form rendering
•  Type conversion
•  Data binding
•  Form validation using Spring and Bean validation (JSR 303)
•  Form object management

8  Site Personalization with Spring MVC
•  Working in several languages: internationalization support in Spring MVC
•  Look-and-feel changes using themes

9  Building Rich Web Applications with Ajax

•  Ajax and Spring MVC
•  Using JavaScript frameworks
•  Spring MVC and jQuery
•  Creating custom tags to minimize the size of your JSPs

10  Getting Started with Spring Web Flow

•  Motivation for Spring Web Flow: handling problems like duplicate form submission, stale session state, and state collision between windows
•  Spring Web Flow architecture and generic configuration

11  Spring Web Flow Language Essentials
•  Typical flow makeup
•  Using XML to author flows
•  Testing flow execution

12  Spring Web Flow Actions

•  Available scopes (request, flash, conversation, and so on)
•  Executing actions and data binding
•  Validation and branching
•  Action state and various types of actions
•  Decision state and exception handling



Contact us for more info, if you are a student or if you want to know more about groupdeals. 

4 days, every day from 9 am - 5 pm

Student Testimonials

  • "Joris is for me one of the best teachers in explaining, in this case Spring, and make students enthusiastic"
  • "Great instructor with good presentation skills. Direct and to the point"
  • "Excellent! I have had some bad experiences with technical trainers, even from reputable companies. This trainer, however is not only very knowledgeable but also knows how to explain complicated concepts and has extensive experience in the field so he has a lot of real-world examples to use."
  • "Very interesting subjects. I would like to learn more."
  • "Joris was very good and has a broad knowledge of the individual subjects and always adds some extra tips and tricks to the content."
  • "Really skilled profesional."
  • "He can make anyone understand anything :)"


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