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VIRTUAL | Aino Vonge Corry: How to Succeed with Online Retrospectives


Why should you attend? 

In this masterclass Aino will share her experiences with distributedretrospectives; those that went well as well as those which did not go well. She will describe what worked in those that worked and what did not work in those that did not. You will come away with things to be aware of when preparing a distributed retrospective, how to organise it, how to prepare it, and how to facilitate it during the retrospective in a virtual setting. There will be links to different technologies also, but also an opportunity to ask questions and share your own experiences.

The outline of the course is:

Module 1: (45 mins)

  • Introductions and expectations
  • Aino gives an overview of the content and we create a plan for what to focus on based on your expectations
  • Focus on planning an online retrospective

Module 2: (45 mins)

  • Aino shares anecdotes about online retrospectives
  • Based on these anecdotes she focuses on different patterns and antipatterns (lack of body language, brainstorm online, decision making online, how to follow up when you are not colocated afterwards, how to make sure everyone is heard, etc )

Module 3: (45 mins)

  • This module is focused on creating a good and trusting atmosphere in an online meeting. We talk about both meetings with people who already know each other and people who have just met online for this meeting. We also look at things that can make retrospectives fun online.

Module 4: (45 mins)

  • Q and A
  • Plans for your future online retrospectives
  • Closing

Between all modules, there is a 15 minutes break.

Technical setup

We will use Zoom for oral communication. Please make sure your sound and video work before we start. We will look at Google Drawing templates for use in online retrospectives, but use Mural for the written communication in the masterclass. This way you will get experience with more tools.

Learning Outcome

After this session, the attendees will know what the challenges with facilitating distributed retrospectives are as well as having practical guidelines for what to do to overcome them.

Target Audience

Retrospective facilitators

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