VIRTUAL | July 13th-16th, 2021 | Core Spring - 4 days – GOTO Academy NL
VIRTUAL | July 13th-16th, 2021 | Core Spring - 4 days

GOTO Academy NL

VIRTUAL | July 13th-16th, 2021 | Core Spring - 4 days


€ 2,199.00

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Core Spring at a glance


€2,199 excl. VAT


4 days, 09:00-17:00

Location & Delivery

Location: Zoom

Course delivered in English 

Interesting for:


Developers with a good understanding of Java. No experience with Spring Framework necessary.


Our Spring Experts

Joris Kuipers






Joris is an absolute expert when it comes to Spring. He has been educating developers about the Spring Framework for over 10 years having started as a Senior Consultant at Interface21 (formerly SpringSource, now Pivotal), in April 2007. His role there was training Java developers in Spring and Java EE technologies, as well as providing technical consultancy. In 2012 Joris joined Trifork Amsterdam, where he works as CTO of Application Development & Hands-on Architect.His extensive experience with Spring means that he can provide a lot of tips, tricks and real-world examples.


Thomas Zeeman







 Thomas is an expert when it comes to Java, Spring and enterprise application development. He has introduced and trained many developers into Java and its ecosystem. Besides that he has worked on various enterprise applications as developer, architect or technical consultant at many customers, both large and small.


Abraham van der Vyver







Abraham is an engaging and fun trainer who has a wide  range of technical know-how. He is an experienced Java developer with over 10 years’ experience and for 5 of those he has been using the Spring Framework. Over his career he has worked in a variety of industries and projects from a mission critical information warfare platform, to an investment management tool for financial planners, to a system for completing high priority tax returns.