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VIRTUAL | Niels Sthen Hansen & Nicholai Stålung: Practical Quantum Computing - Quantum Annealing



Quantum annealing is a technique for solving NP-hard problems using quantum physics. It is gaining significant traction as an alternative - or supplement - to gate model quantum computing. D-Wave has for several years been delivering fully functional quantum computers to research institutions and industry based on this principle and there is a growing body of research and open source software around the technology.

In this 1-day interactive masterclass you will learn how to formulate problems and write programs usings D-Wave's Ocean SDK and Leap cloud platform.


  • Hardware and basic principles
  • API and Programming Model
  • Constraint Satisfaction Problems
  • Network Analysis and Network Algorithms
  • Solving Large Problems - Divide and Conquer
  • Artifical Neural Networks Optimization
  • Cloud and Hybrid Algorithms

About the trainers
Niels Sthen Hansen and Nicholai Stålung work at Trifork in Copenhagen. Niels is a software developer, team lead and business unit CTO. Nicholai is a data scientist and machine learning lead.

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