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VIRTUAL | Trine Engelbrecht Jensen & Thomas Ove Rasmussen: Design Thinking








 Design Thinking is a methodology designed to drive innovation. Through empathy and human-centered exploration, we use Design Thinking to create ideas that strike the perfect balance between viability, desirability and feasibility.

Join us for an introduction to the mindset that shapes user-centerd, lovable digital applications that are easily adopted by end users.

Get the 101 on the five core principles that support the methodology that Invokers apply to every innovative and action-oriented Design Thinking process:

  • Human-centered
  • Mindful of the process
  • Creative / Collaborative
  • Iterative

Familiarize yourself with the variety of Design Thinking formats, ranging from single exercises, small workshops, 5 days sprint to larger Design Thinking processes.

Take aways
You will leave with a better understanding of the mindset of Design Thinking as well as best practice and case examples from our many ears of experiences with creating digital solutions design for complex processes and systems. A foundation for future exploration of the power of Design Thinking.

About the trainers
Trine is a natural born facilitator with a deeply rooted ambition of helping others benefit from the mindset, process and methods of Design Thinking. She has been working within the field for 10 years, simplifying even the most complex processes and systems.

Thomas is a Design Thinking force of nature, who has been creating great ROI through human-centered design for 25 years. He is a strong advocate for the Design Thinking mindset, and an active member of agenda-setting community SAP AppHaus Network.

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