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The GOTO Academy provides training courses and customized workshops.

The software industry being under constant development we are dedicated to encouraging an environment of continuous learning and innovation. We offer a growing set of training courses and workshops focused on developers, which can be delivered at a location of your choosing. Our courses cover both theory and hands-on sessions enabling an interactive learning environment. The lecturers are often our own software pilots specialists.They are involved with the software technologies on a daily basis and have the “know how” both from the theoretical insight and the practical experience to provide you with in-depth knowledge. 


The GOTO Academy and Trifork

The GOTO Academy brand is part of the Trifork concern. Trifork is a software development company located in Aarhus, Denmark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Trifork delivers solutions for the educational, finance, public, healthcare, manufacturing and telecom industries.

We organize conferences and training's (Spring, Architecture, AngularJS, Design and Usability and more) all over the world. This is done under the motto: "For developers by developers".

At the GOTO Academy you can expect high quality courses taught by skilled trainers from our Academy. All of the courses which the Academy offers are hands-on, which is also the central focus of our offered courses. The instructors of our technical courses are generally employees of Trifork, whom also work on projects within the company and therefore have great practical experience and knowledge to share. All of the GOTO Academy courses published on this website are public courses. For which you can register online. We also organize custom made training courses on site. Please contact our course department in case you are interested. 


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