GOTO Conferences 2019

Created for developers, by developers, GOTO is focused on bringing together the best minds in the software community and the most interesting topics to light. With 4 international conferences (Amterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen and Chicago), GOTO is the meeting place for innovators and thought leaders from startups and enterprises to connect with both local and global software development communities.

GOTO Conferences are produced by Trifork, a leading full service supplier of high-quality custom-built applications and end-to-end solutions. 

GOTO Amsterdam 2019 (June 17 -20)

 In 2019 GOTO Amsterdam returns for its ninth edition! It will take place between June 17 - 20 at the beautiful Beurs van Berlage. 








                                                                                                 The Conference Days (June 18-20)                                                                                                     On June 18-20 the Conference will take place. We are proud to present some amazing speakers! Take a look at our speakers list here. 

  The Masterclasses Day (June 17)                                                                                                        On June 17 you can take part at our masterclasses where you get to a full day's training, each one lead by one of our world renowned speakers. A higher quality training session is hard to find! You take part in a hands-on learning session led by true experts.








                                                                                                                        Our Masterclass selection for you:

Mike Amundsen | Building Great APIs from the Ground Up

There are lots of frameworks, tools, and patterns for creating APIs for the Web. But what does it really take? What are the essentials we all need to know? And which tools should every API developer have on hand, ready to use? This masterclass, based on the new book "Designing and Building Great APIs" from Pragmatic Publishers answers these and other key questions on how to design, build, deploy, and manage quality APIs. Learn more here.

 Phil Winder | Data Science & Analytics for Developers (Machine Learning)

In this one-day beginners-level course, you will be introduced to a range of fundamental data science concepts. You will discover how to interrogate data, choose which learning methods suit your problems and how to achieve results quickly. Throughout the day theory will be complemented by "peer-instruction"; a teaching method that improves your learning experience by asking you to solve examples. This will provide you with valuable experience that you can apply to your own problems.  Learn more here.









                                          Em Grasmeder & Emily Gorcesnki | Continuous Intelligence: Data Science, Hypothesis Driven Development, and Continuous Delivery

When it comes to working with data, we rarely know beforehand the right way to derive insights and extract value. Often, it is impossible to know exactly what can be done with data until we start exploring it. This makes it difficult to set expectations and goals for a data project. On top of that, the challenges of real-world data add complexity and toil, and deploying data-driven products is still challenging. Learn more here.

Allard Buijze | DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing with Axon Framework

"The only true measurement of progress is software in production." So let's get our models to production! In this workshop, we're going hands-on, and build an application based on the principles of DDD, CQRS and event sourcing. You will learn how to quickly set up an application and get started with the domain logic immediately. We will implement some fun domain logic and run our applications in a clustered setup together.  Learn more here.

Ready to learn from the best? You can signup for the Masterclasses here. The're only a few seats left!


GOTO Nights

GOTO Nights are held in the months before GOTO Amsterdam. The meet-ups have many different topics, like Agile, microservices, infrastructure, data, Spring and so much more.





 We are always looking for great speakers from all over the world with a cool story about the latest technology and more.

Our GOTO Nights are published on These are free events and for everyone to participate in. Join via

If you have an idea for a GOTO Night, let us know! Most of the meet-ups are hosted at Trifork Amsterdam. If you have a nice venue and want to host one of the GOTO Nights, please let us know!

We hope to see you at one of the GOTO Nights!