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GOTO Conferences & Community Meetups

GOTO gathers the brightest minds in the software community to help developers tackle projects today, plan for tomorrow and create a better future.

Learn from thought leaders and innovators through top-rated talks released (almost) daily on the GOTO YouTube channel, and at year-round conferences, masterclasses and meetups. Each event is designed for software developers, architects, product owners and project managers — the result is a high quality experience where a tremendous amount of attention and investment has gone into having the best content on the most important topics presented by the leaders in our community.

As software developers and architects ourselves, we aim to create unforgettable social and learning experiences for our community.

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Catch us at one of our conferences: GOTO Aarhus, GOTO Copenhagen or GOTO Amsterdam 

GOTO Amsterdam 2023

GOTO Amsterdam is back for 2023! It will be held again at the Beurs van Berlage.

The Masterclasses Day (June 26)           

You can take part in our masterclasses where you get a full day's training, each one lead by one of our world renowned speakers. A higher quality training session is hard to find! This is an opportunity to take part in a hands-on learning session led by true experts. 

The Conference Days (June 27-29)  

Join us on June 27-29 along with the pioneers and game-changing coders who shape our industry and radically improve the way we look at software. This year’s conference will dive into core technical concepts and explore what quality code looks like in 2023 and beyond. Speaker are to be announced so stay tuned!                                                                                                                                                                               

GOTO Nights Meetups 

GOTO Nights offers a variety of free community events to connect developers together.  We partner with skilled speakers to share knowledge, host workshops, and discuss technologies. Topics include Programming Languages and Frameworks (mostly back-end), Event-Driven Architecture, Microservices, Machine Learning, AI (& society), The Human Factor of Tech and IoT to name a few.   

We offer meetups throughout the year both virtually and onsite at our training space. They can be found here


Trifork Tech Update

This is a meetup group for engineers, technical, and business leaders. In partnership with the community, we bring to you international speakers as well as local heroes to discuss the tech topics that matter today. Our favourite topics include Microservices and Event-Driven Architectures, Cloud Native, Cloud Migration and dealing with Legacy systems, with a focus on the Java ecosystem. Not all of our sessions will be 100% technical, as we will go into the business benefits of technical choices, showing how this can support your business by being more efficient.

This group also welcomes those interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, from any skill level. Depending on the session, you can hear how AI is already being applied in the real world, or take a deep dive into techniques related to supervised and unsupervised learning. Seeing the examples provides many people the opportunity to see the possibilities for reaching KPIs and furthering innovation into their own company. Perhaps this is also valid for you.

“Do cool stuff, have fun doing it, tell the world about it.” That is what we live and breathe at Trifork.

What to expect

This meetup group aims to bring together people from different areas of enterprise application development and Machine Learning. Some events are more focused on tools and techniques, while others focus on the business merits of using the technologies. In any case, the goal is to facilitate learning across disciplines, where members are encouraged to learn from each other and discover what’s possible in a safe and fun environment.