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  • HTML5 Single-page applications with AngularJS [3 days]

HTML5 Single-page applications with AngularJS [3 days]


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HTML5 Single-page applications with AngularJS (3 days)

Become an expert in AngularJS with this four-day in-depth training course. The first day covers on AngularJS basics, and requires no prior experience with AngularJS. The second day covers more advanced topics, while the third and fourth day focus on the most difficult and advanced aspect of AngularJS, namely directives.

The course is hands-on. Students must bring their own laptop.


  • Solid understanding of JavaScript and HTML
  • Basic understanding of JQuery

Course outline
Day 1

On the first day we will start with a short introduction of the course, the teacher and the participants. The rest of the day is a basic introduction into AngularJS and covers the following topics:

  • Overview of AngularJS concepts
  • Hello world!
  • Using the built-in directives for dynamic views
  • HTML forms and form validation
  • Creating and using AngularJS filters
  • Using Controllers, Scopes and View Templates

Day 2

The second day covers more advanced concepts:

  • Modules, services and the dependency injection mechanism
  • Creating custom providers
  • Single-page apps, using the AngularJS routing framework
  • Communicating with the backend using the $http and $resource services
  • Unit-testing with AngularJS
  • Animations 

Day 3

On day three we will introduce you to the most advanced aspects of AngularJS, namely directives:

  • Basic introduction to directives
  • When (and when not) to use directives
  • Understanding the AngularJS services which are typically used by directives: $compile, $parse, $interpolate
  • Template compilation, compile and link phase

Day 4

On day four, we will cover the more advanced aspects that play a role when creating custom directives. 

  • Use of Scope in connection with the directives
  • Implementation of directive controllers and how a directive may expose an API
  • Transclusion
  • Typical "design patterns" related to directives, in particular the creation of complete "Widgets"
  • Testing of directives

Training will take place at Trifork, Rijnsburgstraat 9-11, 1059 AT, Amsterdam the Netherlands

Contact us for more info, if you are a student or if you want to know more about groupdeals. 

Testimonial from one of the attendees, AngularJS Course.  

"The trainer takes you elegantly through the nitty gritty details of Angular. Four days of training leave you tired in the evening, but motivated. So motivated that on Saturday I started migrating a private project of mine to Angular, even though it was a beautiful autumn day."

About the trainer
Andreas Frisch has four years of experience in teaching first year courses in computer science in various subjects, including lectures on web development (albeit using Django). Recently he has graduated as a Master of computer science from the University of Copenhagen. Throughout his studies Andreas have worked professionally with programming on the side, including a lot of web development. Andreas has experience with Angular both from some of these projects but also from his current employment at Trifork London. Trifork is his first employment since Andreas has graduated from university, but the world of consultancy and teaching is not new to Andreas due to his jobs as a student.

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