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  • Blockchain Unchained Masterclass [1-Day]

Blockchain Unchained Masterclass [1-Day]





Practical & hands-on Blockchain Unchained Masterclass

In alignment with Trifork's vision to inspire and advice on cutting-edge technology, we’ve decided to collaborate with Chainalysis, who is a pioneer in the utilization of Blockchain, to create a one-day hands-on Masterclass: The “Blockchain" Unchained.  A blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a continuously-growing list of data records hardened against tampering and revision. It consists of data structure blocks, which hold exclusively data in initial blockchain implementations, and both data and programs in some of the more recent implementations. With each block holding batches of individual transactions and the results of any blockchain executables.* But what is all the fuss about? Where and how can you use it in your business? How can you implement Blockchain? This hands on practical Masterclass will introduce you to the concepts behind Blockchain – asymmetric keys, hash functions, consensus algorithms and peer-to-peer networks.

Masterclass content

This one day masterclass is hands-on with the Blockchain. Understanding and working with Blockchain is becoming a crucial component in innovating and developing business. Providing a deep technical insight valuable for anyone working with software development. In addition you will get an overview of the current and emerging implementations.

The Masterclass is a collaboration between Trifork and Chainalysis, who has developed a groundbreaking algorithm for tracking transactions and is a pioneer in the field of Blockchain. Blockchain is used by banks, e.g. Barclays or UBS, NASDAQ, MasterCard and leading fintech companies active in the blockchain space, regulators as well as law enforcement agencies worldwide. Based on real case work you will use your own business ideas for the day, and implement simple prototypes to get feedback on.

Masterclass objectives

  • Understanding the core principles and tools to utilize Blockchain.
  • How to utilize the Blockchain to innovate existing business
  • The technical details of the implementation including peer-to-peer networks, consensus algorithms and hash functions.
  • To develop your own prototype by using existing tools and get feedback from Chainalysis experts.
  • The legal aspect of the Blockchain and compliances

Courseware for the Blockchain Masterclass:

  1. What is Blockchain?
    2. Digging deeper – Mining, Nodes, Consensus and P2P systems
    3. Exercise 1 – Tools available: Bitcoin, Colu* and Ethereum*
    4. Cases: UBS, NASDAQ and MasterCard
    5. Hufsy* – Better Banking for Small Businesses w/ co-founder Maria Flyvbjerg Bo
    6. Exercise 2 – Making your own blockchain project
    7. Cases of compliance: Searching, riskscoring and Barclays example
    8. Exercise 3 – Compliance implications of your own project
    9. Wrapping up and Q&A

Audience & Prerequisites

The Masterclass is targeted at anyone working in Business Development, R&D, Product Development and Consultancy, although Blockchain can be applied to any business capacity. This is also an ideal Masterclass for fully understanding the Blockchain technology and how it will change the current status quo. There are no coding skills required or prior knowledge of the Blockchain protocol. You are advised to bring your laptop to the Masterclass.


  • Duration: 1 day, from 09:00 – 16:00
  • Price: EUR 395 exl. VAT per registration 
  • Location:  Trifork Amsterdam, Rijnsburgstraat 9-11, 1059 AT, Amsterdam, T +31 20 486 2036


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