Data Science for Production Engineers with Phil Winder (2 days)

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Data Science for Production Engineers with Phil Winder (2 days)


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Data Science for Production Engineers at a glance

At the end of this Masterclass you will be considered professionally capable of developing and delivering data science products and immediately start applying what you've learnt.


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2 days, 09:00-17:00


GOTO Academy Classroom

Course delivered in English by Phil Winder

 Interesting   for:


  • Engineers who want to take their understanding of Data to the next level and/or are ready to move into production or more complex problems.
  • People wanting experience in the production-level Data-Science tasks seen on a day-to-day basis
  • Data Scientists wanting industrial experience

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  • Beginner / Intermediate-level Data Science experience. 
  • Beginner / Intermediate-level Python knowledge (there will be a lot of code)


          What you need to bring

  • A laptop
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Humility and a smile


                                                                                                                                                About the Trainer Phil Winder

Phil Winder is a multi-disciplinary freelance architect working towards the research and development of cutting-edge technology.

Most recently he has been developing cloud-based full-stack microservice systems for a range of clients but has a significant past in machine learning and electronics.

His company, Winder Research has recently released a range of developer and business focused Data Science training courses. Visit to find out more.

Phil has PhD and Masters degrees from the University of Hull, UK in Electronics, with a focus on embedded signal processing.

You can connect with Phil  on Twitter @DrPhilWinder or on Linkedin.  


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