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Designing Microservices with Sam Newman [1-Day]





Turn theory into practice with Sam Newman, the author of Building Microservices.

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Designing Microservices at a glance

Gain practical tools and advice for incrementally migrating to microservices architecture without having to stop any features


€899 excl. VAT


1 day, 0900-1700


Classroom, @Trifork Amsterdam

Course delivered in English by microservices guru, Sam Newman



People who are facing challenges around distributed systems, and thinking about migrating from an existing monolith to microservice architecture


This is what Sam had to say about this workshop:

"I’ve been running this workshop in one form or another for some time and what I’m finding is that people are becoming more familiar with microservices as a concept, but still struggle with how to implement them effectively or how to adapt the existing infrastructure. In the workshop we cover how to incrementally migrate to microservices architecture without having to stop any features.

It is designed for people who are facing challenges around distributed systems, and thinking about migrating from an existing monolith to microservice architecture. Typical participants will be CTOs of smaller tech firms, chief architects, managers and tech leads, although developers who are interested in the topic are certainly welcome to come along.

The workshop doesn’t contain any code as I like to keep it broad. There is some discussion of DDD, API, and Docker. I have about 3-4 days of material and deliver what is most important to the group on the day – it is very participant driven.

My main goal for the workshop is that people come for the topics, learn interactively from each other and make some new contacts in the local tech community along the way. It is capped at 25 participants, so it’s the perfect environment to do just that."

Why should you attend?

Because it is focused on outcomes. We explore the pitfalls and downsides of implementing the architecture, as well as how to mitigate problems. For example: how to effectively deal with distributed transactions and the implications of CAP theorem.

You will discover whether microservices are right for you, as microservices are not a universal solution to all problems. Then you are given concrete tools to implement the migration to a microservices based architecture in an incremental fashion, all while continuing to ship new features.

Ultimately, you will walk away knowing whether microservices are the right choice for your business, and if they are, then you will have a clear idea of how to make it happen. 

This workshop will cover:
  • What makes a good microservice
  • How to use concepts from domain driven design to define service boundaries
  • Explore how to plan and manage a migration from a monolith to the microservice architecture
  • Understand how technical choices can impact the architecture itself
  • How to manage change and governance in a microservice environment
People who are in the process of moving to micro services, or are already on the path should get a lot out of the event. It's primarily aimed at people in technical leadership positions like tech leads and architects, but should be of use to any developer or operations person interested in how to move to microservices. Prior knowledge of service oriented architectures generally or microservices specifically is useful, but by no means essential.
Attendee Requirements:
This is a participatory workshop. You won't get to just sit there and watch - the more you participate in the workshop, the more you'll get out!

About the trainer Sam Newman
Sam Newman is interested in technology at the intersection of things, from development, to ops, to security, usability and organisations. After over a decade at ThoughtWorks he is now an independent consultant. Sam is the author of "Building Microservices" from O'Reilly. He has worked with a variety of companies in multiple domains around the world, often with one foot in the developer world, and another in the IT operations space. If you asked him what he does, he’d say ‘I work with people to build better software systems’. He has written articles, presented at conferences, and sporadically commits to open source projects. While Java used to be his bread and butter, he also spends time with Ruby, Python, Javascript, and Clojure, Infrastructure Automation and Cloud systems.
twitter: @samnewman 

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