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  • Interaction Design & Usability [2 days]

Interaction Design & Usability [2 days]


Early Bird Price until one month prior to the training date



There is a general consensus in software development that software should have good usability. Usability has become a buzzword and a stamp of approval for a product, if it can be claimed to have good usability. But when does something have good usability? What characterises good usability? How do you design for good usability? How do you test for good usability?

This user experience course will aim at answering these questions by giving an all round introduction to interaction design and usability and the world of a ux designer.


Equipping the participants with the right methods, tools and techniques to be able to take their first steps into the user experience (UX) world and to become a ux designer. The course will present the most common theories behind, practical guidelines and tools to ensure good usability.


  • Developers who do not have access to a UX’er or would like to be more self helped in the design process
  • Business people who would like to exert a minimum of quality control on the design of their software, and thus need to understand the domain.
  • People who would like to branch into the UX field, or have it as a secondary skill set
  • New graduates, who would like to gain a little more knowledge for their CV


  • Introduction to the term usability, ux design
  • A walk through of the theories behind good usability (Gestalt laws, affordance etc.)
  • Thorough introduction to user based usability evaluation as a tool
  • Introduction to interaction design
  • Practical recommendations to good interaction design for web and PC
  • Introduction to interaction design and usability for mobile devices

This ux training will be supported by lots of examples, inclusion of the participants and use of the tools and techniques in practice, in the form of smaller tasks. 

Date & Location

  • Please contact us for the next available training date
  • Training will take place at Trifork, Rijnsburgstraat 9-11, 1059 AT, Amsterdam the Netherlands


  • Early Bird Price €1395,- excl VAT up until one month prior to the training. After the earlybird the price will be €1495,-excl VAT. Course materials and meals are included.

Contact us for more info, if you are a student or if you want to know more about groupdeals. 

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