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  • October 12-13: Machine Learning - Data Science and Analytics for Developers [2-Day advanced]

October 12-13: Machine Learning - Data Science and Analytics for Developers [2-Day advanced]





GOTO Academy are excited to bring you UK-based Phil Winder of Winder Research, for an intensive 2-day Data science and Analytics course, that will leave you with practical tools for utilizing Machine Learning principles in your organisation.

This course combines intermediate and advanced courses into one efficient program. At the end of this course you will be considered professionally capable of developing and delivering data science products. Immediately start applying what you've learnt!

This 2-day course is consists of Day 2+3 of a 3-Day consolidated course which can be viewed here. The course is designed to give ultimate flexibility depending on your skill level and your learning goals. If you're unsure which package is right for you, please contact us.

Who will benefit

This course is aimed towards developers, in which we will delve into the mathematics behind the code as well as developing real life algorithms in Python. One-to-one help will be provided for developers new to Python and all algorithms, frameworks and libraries used will be demonstrated by the instructor.


You are expected to have experience with both programming and data science to do the more advanced topics of the full 3-day course. If you have less experience you are welcome to complete the 2 or 3-day course starting on October 11th.

Course Structure

Each day will comprise of a series of sub-hour theoretical sessions separated by practical exercises. The expected learning outcomes for each day are as follows:

    What you will achieve on Day 1

    • Evaluate models numerically
    • Investigate and assess models visually
    • Have practical experience in industrial statistics
    • Further enhance data pre-processing skills
    • Understand unsupervised learning
    • Gain experience in a wide variety of Machine Learning algorithms

    Topics Covered

    • Numerical and visual model evaluation
    • Introduction and application of statistics in data science
    • Understand the practical steps to design and deploy models
    • Further experience with real-life messy data
    • Unsupervised Machine Learning
    • A range of Machine Learning models: e.g. Logistic regression, linear and nonlinear SVMs, decision trees, etc.
    • Introduction to tooling, testing and deployment
    • An in-depth practical example demonstrating the day’s concepts

    What you will achieve on Day 2

    • Develop solutions to mine, analyse and classify text
    • Discuss and explain neural networks, deep learning and a range of topologies
    • Employ semi-supervised machine learning to complex problems
    • Use ensemble methods to create cutting-edge machine learning products

    Topics Covered

    • Text feature engineering
    • Text mining, representation and learning
    • Neural networks
    • Deep belief networks
    • Stacked denoising autoencoders
    • Convolutional neural networks
    • Semi-supervised machine learning
    • Ensemble methods
    • An in-depth practical example demonstrating the day’s concepts

    About the Trainer

    Phil Winder is a multi-disciplinary freelance architect working towards the research and development of cutting-edge technology.

    Most recently he has been developing cloud-based full-stack microservice systems for a range of clients but has a significant past in machine learning and electronics.

    His company, Winder Research has recently released a range of developer and business focused Data Science training courses. Visit to find out more.

    Phil has PhD and Masters degrees from the University of Hull, UK in Electronics, with a focus on embedded signal processing.

    Language: English
    Place: Amsterdam
    Date: October 11-13 2017
    Duration: 2 or 3 days. All days 9:00 to 17:00

    2-Day Price: €1400

    3-Day Price: €1800

    Prices exclude VAT

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