Confirmed | Virtual | Dave Farley | Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techn – GOTO Academy NL
Confirmed | Virtual | Dave Farley | Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techniques

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Confirmed | Virtual | Dave Farley | Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techniques


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'Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techniques' 


899 excl. VAT 


2 days, 09:00-17:00 CET

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Location: Zoom 

Course delivered in English 



We expect that attendees will already be broadly familiar with the concepts of Continuous Delivery. Practical experience with agile methods will help.

Attendees should be practicing, test and deployment automation, automated configuration management, and in particular Continuous Integration.

This course builds on these foundations and take these ideas further.


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About the trainer Dave Farley 

Dave Farley is a thought leader in the field of continuous delivery, DevOps, and software development in general. He is co-author of the Jolt-award winning book Continuous Delivery, one of the authors of Reactive Manifesto, an independent software developer and consultant, and founder and director of Continuous Delivery Ltd.

Dave has been having fun with computers for over 30 years has worked on most types of software, from firmware, through tinkering with operating systems and device drivers, to writing games and commercial applications of all shapes and sizes. He started working in large scale distributed systems more than 25 years ago, doing research into the development of loose-coupled, message-based systems — a forerunner of microservice architectures.

He was also an early adopter of agile development techniques, employing iterative development, continuous integration, and significant levels of automated testing on commercial projects from the early 1990s.

Topic focus: Continuous Delivery