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  • October 10: Elastic Stack Bootcamp [1-Day]

October 10: Elastic Stack Bootcamp [1-Day]





Elastic Stack Bootcamp


Elasticsearch and certainly the whole Elastic Stack are powerful tools to ingest, store and analyze your data. People all over the world are using Elasticsearch for applications such as product search, data analytics or monitoring. For centralized logging the Elastic Stack is even becoming the de-facto standard.

In this practical bootcamp, you will gain hands-on experience using these tools and learn to implement them according to best practices. You will work on a centralized logging use case during several practical lab sessions.

After this bootcamp you will be able to use these tools successfully in your own projects.

The bootcamp is given by Trifork employees with extensive experience with the Elastic Stack, ensuring you of the best practical advice.


  • Overview of the Elastic Stack
  • Hands-on experience using the Elastic Stack
  • Practical tips and best practices from experts
  • Get a head start on your Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack projects

    Course Contents

    1. Elastic Stack overview

    2. Example use cases

    3. Elastic Cloud
        a. Overview
        b. (Lab) setting up your cluster

    4. Beats
        a. Use cases: shippings logs, monitoring server health
        b. Practical tips & architecture
        c. (Lab) shipping logs

    5. Kibana
        a. Overview of functionality
        b. Exploring and visualize your data, create dashboards
        c. (Lab) data visualization

    6. Data transformation
        a. Understanding Logstash and Ingest Node
        b. Overview of applications
    (Lab) extracting data from your logs

    7. Going into production
        a. Scaling up and sizing, best practices for the real world
        b. (Lab) preparing for and operating a cluster at scale


    This bootcamp is aimed at developers, architects and infrastructure specialists who are looking to use the Elastic Stack. The bootcamp gives you a good overview of the platforms possibilities, gives you hands-on experience and will give you a head start in your project.

        Elastic Stack Bootcamp vs Elastic Stack 5 Masterclass

        Elastic Stack Bootcamp

        Elastic Stack 5 Masterclass

        • Overview of and hands-on experience of the elastic stack (beats, logstash, elasticsearch, kibana)
        • Audience: Developers, devops or admins, with little or no experience
        • Goal: Get a head-start in your elastic projects

        • Focus on the new features in elastic stack 5
        • Audience: Developers with some experience in (previous versions of) the Elastic stack
        • Goal: Understand the new features in elastic 5
        • Duration: 1 day, from 09:00 – 16:00
        • Price: EUR 550 exc. VAT per registration
        • Location:  Trifork Amsterdam, Rijnsburgstraat 9-11, 1059 AT, Amsterdam, T +31 20 486 2036


        Eike DehlingEike has around 4 years of hands-on experience with the Elastic stack, in applications ranging from centralized logging or service monitoring to terabyte scale real-time analytics on (social) media data. Eike’s specialities include performance tuning, scaling 
        and operations.


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