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  • October 24: Elastic Stack 5 Masterclass [1-Day]

October 24: Elastic Stack 5 Masterclass [1-Day]





Practical & hands-on Elastic Stack 5 Masterclass


The Elastic Stack 5 is an exciting new path that Elastic has taken. A heavy commitment from Elastic to make it easier for developers to add new functionality. Not just to a single product, but to the entire Stack and it gives you a complete platform that enables to capture, clean, store, search and analyze your data.  But  the question is: how can you load data in Elasticsearch and analyze it using the Graph API and/or Kibana? This hands-on practical Masterclass will introduce you to the different parts of the Elastic 5 stack and the concepts behind it. The Masterclass covers Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Beats, the Graph API  and X-Pack.

Content Elastic Stack 5 Masterclass

This one day Masterclass will rapidly bring you up-to-date with the Elastic 5 Stack. We will explain the different parts and how they work together and give you extensive hands-on experience with the Elastic 5 Stack. Understanding and working with the 5 stack is becoming a crucial component in innovating and developing new possibilities. It gives developers a way to create cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing that enable enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation and provides a deep technical insight valuable for anyone working with search, analytics, service monitoring and/or handling Big Data. In addition you will get an overview of the current and emerging implementations.

The Masterclass is given by Trifork developers, who have extensive experience with the Elastic Stack. Our instructors have assisted a large number of customers the past years in starting with the Elastic Stack or getting more value out of their existing Elastic Stack. Based on real case work you will get hands-on experience with Elasticsearch, Kibana and the Graph API.

Masterclass objectives

  • Insight and understanding the Elastic 5 stack
  • Zoom in on the new features of Elasticsearch, Kibana and the Graph API
  • The technical details of how to get started.
  • To develop your own prototype by using existing tools and get feedback and support from the Trifork experts.

Courseware for the Elastic 5 Masterclass:

  1. Overview Elastic Stack 5

  2. Ingest Node (+ lab)
    • Use the new Ingest Node to load data in your cluster without the complexity of Logstash
    • Set up a processor pipeline to transform document before indexing
  3. Kibana (+ lab)
    • Explore the new clean interface of Kibana 5
    • Create awesome visualisations and dashboards
    • Create insight in complex time series data using Timelion.
  4. Painless scripting (+ lab)
    • Why use scripting in Elasticsearch
    • How to use the new painless scripting language
  5. Graph API (+ lab)
    • Explore the new capabilities of the Graph API
    • Graphs in the wild, some practical applications for the Graph API
    • Graph API vs Graph databases, how do they compare?
  6. Machine Learning (+ lab)

    • Get acquainted with the machine learning features of Elasticsearch
    • How to create jobs for real time anomaly detection
  7. Wrapping up and Q&A

Audience & Prerequisites

The Masterclass is targeted at developers and architects who have experiences using previous versions of the Elastic Stack. This is also an ideal Masterclass for fully understanding the Elastic 5 Stack. E.g. companies that currently only use the ELK for Service Monitoring could consider using the stack also for fraud detection or recommendations and vice versa. Since you have the stack already installed … why not do more with it? There are some coding skills required and some prior knowledge of the previous version of the Elastic stack. You are advised to bring your laptop to the Masterclass.

Elastic Stack Bootcamp vs Elastic Stack 5 Masterclass

Elastic Stack Bootcamp

Elastic Stack 5 Masterclass

  • Overview of and hands-on experience of the elastic stack (beats, logstash, elasticsearch, kibana)
  • Audience: Developers, devops or admins, with little or no experience
  • Goal: Get a head-start in your elastic projects

  • Focus on the new features in elastic stack 5
  • Audience: Developers with some experience in (previous versions of) the Elastic stack
  • Goal: Understand the new features in elastic 5
  • Duration: 1 day, from 09:00 – 16:00
  • Price: EUR 550 exc. VAT per registration
  • Location:  Trifork Amsterdam, Rijnsburgstraat 9-11, 1059 AT, Amsterdam, T +31 20 486 2036


Patrick KikPatrick is a Software Engineer at Trifork Amsterdam and all-round Elastic Stack enthousiast. He has been working with Elasticsearch in business critical systems since version 0.9 in a variety of projects at different customers. He has been consulting on setting up Elastic Stacks as well as being part of a development team creating search and analytics solutions. He is also a Java back-end developer with knowledge of and experience with the Spring Framework and the Axon Framework. Patrick is one of the authors and trainers of the GOTO Academy Elastic Stack 5 Masterclass.


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