Confirmed | VIRTUAL | 2-day Masterclass | September 15 - 16 | Oleh Dok – GOTO Academy NL
Confirmed | VIRTUAL | 2-day Masterclass | September 15 - 16 | Oleh Dokuka | Reactive Programming

GOTO Academy NL

Confirmed | VIRTUAL | 2-day Masterclass | September 15 - 16 | Oleh Dokuka | Reactive Programming


€ 789.00

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Reactive Programming with Oleh Dokuka 


€798 excl. VAT  


2 days, 09:00-17:00 CET

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Location: Zoom

Course delivered in English 

Interesting for:



If you are a software engineer who is building microservices, distributed systems or highly-networked applications and you want to make your system efficient and keep your code clean



Course outline: 

Day 2

Day 2 is focused on getting a proper understanding of the more advanced topics of Reactive Programmings like multithreading, backpressure, concurrency, context, and in-depth understanding of various Project Reactor configurations. Apart from that, we will be looking into tooling around Project Reactor and how they help in debugging Reactive pipes. Also, this day covers the applicability of the Project Reactor in solving common microservices problems.

We will be:

  • Project Reactor in-depth
    • Understanding Multithreading and Concurrency (followed by exercises)
    • Control Flow of elements (followed by exercises)
    • Work with Contextual Data and ThreadLocals (followed by exercises)
    • Logging, Debug and collect Metrics (followed by exercises)
  • Project Reactor in common scenarios
  • Implementing a load balancer which should work in a few balancing modes that everyone will have to implement using Project Reactor.
  • Working with Blocking API. In this task, the student will be required to adopt a blocking JPA repository using Project Reactor Scheduler API.
  • Working with Backpressure on a sample of data uploading and external service API which has a strict limitation on the number of requests/second and some limitations on how data should be sent.
  • Managing distributed transactions or simply talking implementing orchestrated saga pattern using Project Reactor.

Key takeaways: Project Reactor In-Depth, ThreadLocals and Project Reactor, Improving Resilience with Project Reactor, handling Transactions and Distributed Transactions, Flow Control techniques in Practice 

Day 3 

Refactoring from MVC to Reactive WebFlux 

  • Best Practices in existing system migration to Reactive Paradigm
  • Step-by-Step migration of Microservices System to Reactive using all the theoretical parts covered in Day 2


Key takeaways: Microservices with Reactive Spring, WebFlux, Reactive Security, R2dbc in Action, Building end-to-end Reactive System


About the trainer Oleh Dokuka

Oleh Dokuka is an experienced software engineer, Java Champion, and one of the top contributors to Project Reactor and Spring Framework. He knows the internals of both frameworks very well and advocates reactive programming with Project Reactor on a daily basis. Along with that, the author applies Spring Framework and Project Reactor in software development, so he knows how to build reactive systems using these technologies.