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Axon Framework


GOTO Academy is proud to be a partner of AxonIQ and an authorized re-seller of their high-quality Axon Framework masterclasses.

Axon is a powerful Java development framework which supports the implementation of projects based on Domain Driven Design (DDD) with a lot of emphasis on Events. Axon Framework allows easier implementation of the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) architecture pattern and helps to separate business logic from infrastructure logic. It allows applications to start with a simple setup and scale out later by configuring the infrastructure components.

Axon Framework offers ready-to-use non-functional features which easily save up to several man-months of development time and minimize the cost to build, operate, or change an application, without compromising its business value.

All Axon masterclasses are run by either Allard Buijze or Steven van Beelen both initiators of the open source framework. 

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