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Eberhard Wolff: Flexible Architectures: Microservices








This workshop explains how to get microservices architectures right. You will learn how to build a microservices architecture based on domain-driven design with bounded contexts. While such an architecture lays the foundation for a successful microservices system. The next part of the workshops deals with the implementation of the microservices. You will understand how modern technologies like Kubernetes and service meshes helps to tackle typical challenges such as observability or resilience. The workshop consists of many practical exercises and lots of other interactions. You will get access to demo code and some brochures to follow up on what you have learned later.

Day 1

  • Domain-driven design: capturing the essence of the domain in the architecture
  • Finding Bounded Contexts: Foundation for decoupled microservices
  • Strategic domain-driven design: Integrating bounded context
  • Micro- /  macro-architecture: Designing a coherent system while ensuring self-organization

Day 2

  • Deploying microservices on Kubernetes
  • Integration: Asynchronous communication with  REST
  • Service meshes: Facilitating complex microservice
  • Observability: Monitoring, Logging and Tracing
  • Ensuring availability with resilience and chaos engineering
  • Decoupling tests: Consumer-driven contract tests

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