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Josh Long: Cloud Native

We're happy to announce our December Masterclass with Josh Long where you will you'll be given an introduction to building cloud-native Java systems that are elastic, agile, observable & robust.

Indicative two Day Schedule for this Virtual Masterclass 

Here is a sample two day class, giving you an idea of some of the topics that we can cover. 

Bootcamp: this will be our first hands-on experience. It'll be useful as a way to validate that we have most everything required for the course

  • First Steps with Spring
  • First Steps with Spring Boot
  • First Steps with Kubernetes

Reactive Programming

  • Motivating Reactive Programming
  • Reactor
  • Spring Webflux and Spring Data R2DBC
  • Testing Reactive Applications


  • Reactive Streams and coroutines


  • Basic client/services
  • Bidirection client/services
  • Spring Integration

Edge Services

  • API Gateways with Spring Cloud Gateway
  • Reactive service orchestration and composition
  • Reliability Patterns like circuit breakers
  • GraphQL

Building Observable Services

  • The Spring Boot Actuator
  • TSDBs and Micrometer
  • Distributed Tracing with Spring Cloud Sleuth
  • The Spring Boot Admin


  • The Spring Environment abstraction
  • the Refresh Scope
  • The Spring Cloud Config Server
  • Reading data from config trees and environment variables in a Kubernetes environment
  • Reading and re-reading configuration data directly from the Kubernetes ConfigMap structure itself using the API and Spring Cloud Kubernetes' ConfigMap support

Service Registration and Discovery

  • Discovery Servers
  • Client-side Loadbalancing

Packaging for Production

  • Docker, Buildpacks, KPack, etc.
  • Spring Native and GraalVM

Working with the Kubernetes API from Spring

  • Using the Kubernetes Java API
  • Turning the application into a native binary with GraalVM and Spring Native

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