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Lorna Mitchell: Technical Communication

In this 1-day masterclass, you’ll gain skills and tactics on identifying the information to include for different audiences, understanding their motivations, and getting the message right whether it's a presentation, supporting documentation for a project, or a slack message.
The class is suitable for tech leads, senior developers and architects who need to convey complex technical ideas to a wide range of audiences inside & outside the business.                                                                                                                             
Below are some of the questions we’ll discuss in the class:
  • What are my communication goals? - Focus on whether you are educating, convincing, or aiming for some other outcome.
  • Who are the people in my audience? - Understand the context of the people you are communicating with, their technical level and familiarity with terminology.
  • What is the most suitable format for my message? - Choose the right channel(s) to get your message across, written down, presented in a meeting, or conveyed over slack.
  • How much scope is useful? - Giving enough context to be understood but keeping things short enough to digest
  • What is the ideal structure for my message? - Communicating complex or technical ideas by identifying the most important points and arranging them into a coherent story. This is a key skill whether you are presenting on a big stage or writing an in-depth design review.
  • How to ask for and use feedback? - Requesting the right sort of feedback, and putting it to good use as you iterate on your message and delivery.
  • How to convey my message successfully using spoken communication? - Deep dive into the world of public speaking for internal and external engagements
  1.   planning your talk and handling time limits
  2.   techniques for vocal delivery, in-person or virtually
  3.   effective use of visuals to support your points
  4.   delivering smooth and informative technical demos
  • How to convey my message successfully using written communication? - Techniques to help you write quickly and clearly so you can always get your message across
  1.   how to approach different types of written content, including word counts
  2.   configure your IDE for working with prose

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