Mathias Verraes & Thomas Coopman: DDD for Messaging Architectures – GOTO Academy NL

Mathias Verraes & Thomas Coopman: DDD for Messaging Architectures



 Why should you attend?

The software industry keeps moving towards more message-oriented architectures. These require different ways of reasoning about system design, domain modelling, evolutionary architectures.

Domain-Driven Design is exceptionally suitable for this: its fundamental principles are universal to software design, and apply well to all kinds of architectures: focus on domain language and collaborative modelling, Bounded Contexts, and mapping the relationships between Contexts.

What has changed, are the techniques to achieve those goals. This masterclass takes a highly practical approach to improve your toolkit for reasoning about message architectures.


What You'll Learn

    • Event Storming, a collaborative exploration and modelling technique to help you map out a complex business domain.
    • Temporal Modelling, a modelling style that moves away from traditional structural models and ERDs, in favour of promoting events, processes, behaviours, and dependencies between business logic, to first class.
    • CQRS, an architectural model for better decoupling between different responsibilities.
    • Event Sourcing, a persistence strategy.
    • Evolving message architectures when the business changes.
    • Strategic Design, mapping Bounded Contexts, and reasoning about the relationships between services.
    • Distill analysis patterns, domain modelling patterns, and patterns for decoupling in distributed systems.


Are there any prerequisites?

  • Senior devs & architects
  • Language-agnostic
  • No devices required


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