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VIRTUAL | Tobias Due Munk: Prototyping Custom UI in SwiftUI

My favorite use case for SwiftUI today is for prototyping our apps. Developing native UI's have never been faster than with SwiftUI and if we learn the right techniques we can iterate and try out creative ideas in a very frictionless environment. While there are still valid concerns about using SwiftUI in production, it's the perfect match for building prototypes.

This workshops gets you started building a custom UI component that visualizes live input from hardware sensors. It will cover techniques for custom layouts, custom drawing, and last but not least animations. All in pure SwiftUI.

A Mac with Xcode 11.4 installed is required to attend the workshop.

About the trainer
Tobias Due Munk is an interface designer and software developer from Denmark. He runs a two person software studio out of Copenhagen where they realize app ideas, both their own and other people's. Tobias's conference talks and workshops are known for their high quality and for pushing the format. And then some sprinkles of fun.

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