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Mike Amundsen: Designing & Building Great APIs


In this Masterclass Mike Amundsen, author of "Design and Build Great APIs", will share the secrets that allow teams and individuals to focus on the work of designing, building and deploying of robust, well-designed, and resilient APIs for existing services. 


Why should you attend?

Like a true masterclass, attendees need to come prepared to dive straight into the exercises, ready to ask questions, and willing to try new things in order to sharpen their skills and improve their abilities.

Teams can come prepared for class with an existing API or API candidate they’d like to build or they can use one of the API examples supplied in class. All code examples will be presented in NodeJS or Javascript.


Agenda: Day 1 | Design

  • Identifying Great APIs
    • HTTP, Web, and REST, and Beyond
  • Describing APIs with Stories
    • What is an API Story?
    • Exercise: Writing your API Story
  • Diagramming APIs with WSD
    • The Importance of Diagrams
    • Exercise: Diagramming your API
  • Profiling APIs with ALPS
    • Describe, Don’t Define
    • Exercise: Profiling your API


Agenda: Day 2 | Build

  • Getting From MVP to API
    • From Simple to Complex: One Step at a Time
  • Sketching APIS with API Blueprint
    • The Power of Sketching
    • Exercise: Sketching your API
  • Prototyping APIs with OpenAPISpec
    • The Value of Prototyping
    • Exercise: Creating your API Prototype
  • Building APIs w/ NodeJS/DORR
    • Data, Objects, Resources and Representations
    • Exercise: Coding your NodeJS API


Agenda: Day 3 | Release 

  •  Continuous Releases
    • Why Pipelines Matter
  • Testing APIS with Postman/Newman
    • Testing APIs, Not Code
    • Exercise: Testing your API
  •  Deploying APIs with Heroku
    • The Promise of Pipelines
    • Exercise: Deploying your API to Heroku
  • Open Q&A



The following exercises are designed to emphasize the key skills needed to design and build robust and resilient APIs including:

  • Writing API stories
  • Diagramming APIs with Web Sequence Diagrams
  • Describing APIs with ALPS Profiles
  • Generating multiple working API Sketches with API Blueprint
  • Selecting a candidate sketch to Prototype with OpenAPISpec
  • Building a fully-functional API using NodeJS, Express, and the DORR framework
  • Testing APIs with Postman and Newman
  • Deploying your API to Heroku via Git & Github


Prerequisites - Read more here 

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